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"If you don't see the book you want on the shelf, write it."

- Beverly Cleary 

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I Think My Child Needs Braces...


How do I know when my child should see an orthodontist?   How do I choose the best orthodontist for my family?   Will my child need adult teeth removed?  How will  I afford braces?  What happens if I don't do anything now?   


These and many common questions parents have about braces and orthodontics for their children are answered here!   No medical jargon.  No hype.  Just straightforward, honest advice for any parent considering orthodontic treatment for their child written in an easy to understand format.  A must read for any smart parent before visiting an orthodontist's office!

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Orthodontic Treatment Design

The companion textbook for the Complete Clinical Orthodontics (CCO) system diagnostics course, but the material is applicable to all orthodontic philosophies. 


An A-Z guide to the evidence-based process for comprehensively, objectively, and efficiently formulating an accurate orthodontic diagnosis on each and every patient in your office.   The guide is filled with theory and real-world application of all concepts with an easy to follow step-by-step approach guaranteed to increase your treatment planning confidence, treatment efficiency, and case acceptance.


This book is published and distributed exclusively through Dentsply/Sirona.  All inquiries will be redirected to your local representative.

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TMJ Imaging and Diagnosis


A comprehensive 70+ page guide for obtaining and interpreting both CBCT and MRI TMJ imaging.  Strategies for practically diagnosing TMJ health or disease for every patient are also covered in great detail. 

NOTE: This book is only available to attendees of the TMJ Imaging course to supplement the presented material.   Please view the course schedule for upcoming dates and locations! 

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Goal-Directed Orthodontics


Edited by Dr. Andrew Girardot, chapter contributions by Dr. Tamburrino and the top orthodontists of the current era combine to form a fundamental background for modern orthodontic care.   A must read for any serious student or orthodontist looking to elevate the quality of their treatment outcomes. 

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