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Although I'm an orthodontist, I do need a bit of a break from teeth from time to time :)  

From working with hundreds of families in my offices and having had the privilege to lecture worldwide, I've had a chance to meet a lot of people and make lots of observations about how humans act.  

I'm especially fascinated with what makes people tick, so this is my vehicle to get out some of the thoughts in my head. 

The actual topics I write about will vary, but they will likely be illustrations of human behavior and observations of the world that I make on a daily basis - and tied in to how they can apply to all of our lives. 

There's no agenda here and I promise you won't ever have to buy anything or do anything other than read.  I also promise I'll make you think!   


You'll receive one email per week (no more, no less) from me on Monday morning - dropped into your inbox right before your coffee - so you can get your mind going and geared up for the week ahead! 

Just fill in your info below to subscribe (it's free).  I look forward to your feedback and conversation!  

Thanks for signing up! Have an awesome week!

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