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Ortho Careers at TFO

Do you wake up like you’ve already had 3 cups of coffee?   Do you salivate at the thought of efficiency and organization?   Do your family and friends tell you that you light up a room as soon as you walk in?   

If so, you might be exactly who the TFO team is looking for to join our team!

We want someone with an awesome attitude and professionalism that radiates energy and embraces new challenges!

We will train you on all clinical skills related to the position, so these are not a pre-requisite!

Position:  Orthodontic Clinician



  1. Must be awesome at communicating with kids and adults clearly and intelligently

  2. Must thrive on working independently

  3. Must have a never-ending desire to improve skills and efficiency

  4. Must have the energy and stamina to be on your feet for 6-8 hours a day

  5. Must radiate excitement to patients and their families during the entire day




  1. Be the absolute best part of a patient’s day

  2. Perform clinical orthodontic adjustments, process 3D orthodontic records, and perform basic lab work

  3. Assist the doctor on clinical procedures

  4. Learn, understand, and maintain impeccable sterilization protocols

  5. Be a liaison between the doctor and families

  6. Be an upstanding representative of our practice in the community, during community activities, and in your personal actions

Read the message below. 

Then scroll down for

instructions on how to apply!

A Personal Message from Dr. T

Hi this is Dr. Tamburrino, and I want to personally thank you for your interest in wanting to be a part of the TFO orthodontic team!


Our two locations in Kennett Square and West Chester are rapidly growing and we are hoping you could be that amazing person we are looking for to help make their visit to TFO the best part of their day.


TFO is highly focused on creating a warm, caring environment for our patients and putting their comfort and convenience as our utmost priority...and want you to be a part of it!  We also pride ourselves in being deeply involved in the Kennett Square community and enjoy any opportunity to support the area!


The nature of this position is highly skewed to face-to-face communication with patients and families, and putting their needs (and the needs of the community) above all else.


Therefore, this may not be a good position for someone who may be shy, prefer working behind a desk, or have a rigid personal schedule.


However, unlike other positions where your personal and professional growth may be restricted, at TFO you’ll have a chance to play a big role in the development of ideas, see them put into action, and be well-rewarded personally and professionally for your efforts.


This is an outstanding opportunity for a highly motivated, energetic person who embraces challenges, constantly seeks personal improvement, and loves working independently.  

I look forward to meeting you!

Ryan Tamburrino, DMD


How to Apply (Follow These Instructions Exactly!) 

If you feel the position above is exactly what you may be seeking in a career, do the following:


1.  Call (610) 671-3923


2.  Leave a clear message stating the following three things:


- Name

- Cell phone number

- Short introduction for why you think you’re the most awesome person for this role and a great fit for our team! 


(If you need to think about it and call back to put your best foot forward, please do so!)

Our team will be listening to the messages and will be in touch with our choice of the top candidates. 

If selected, expect a phone call or text message from our team by Friday, September 17th at 5:00 PM with information about the next step in the process.


If you do not hear back from us by Saturday, September 18th, we, unfortunately, didn't feel that you would be the best fit at the moment.  We wish you the best in your career search!  


Thank you again for your interest, and I hope you have a great week!

***In order to provide our patients with 100% of our attention during the day, please do not call the office for questions about career opportunities at Tamburrino Family Orthodontics.  Please call (610) 671-3923 and leave a message!***

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